What is Crines del Viento?

A little bit of our history


Would you like to enjoy a unique experience in the wonderful surroundings of Fuerteventura?


Crines del Viento was born in Fuerteventura 31 years ago. Little by little it was forged by pure passion, leaving since then our almost invisible footprint on countless
footprint on countless paths of our majorera land.

It has become an environmentally friendly and ecological way to visit this wonderful island. In spite of the difficulties in keeping these animals in a place like this where there is practically no cultivation.

Our centre is located on the island of Fuerteventura, in a piece of paradise of the Canary Islands and more specifically in the village of Triquivijate.

Meet us

Our Team

Director of the Centre

Carlos Antonio Rivero

▪️Sports Technician
▪️Gallop Examiner of the 1 to 7⁣
▪️Gallop 7 Olympic (Jumping, dressage, etc…)
▪️Equestrian Tourism and First Aid Guide
▪️Technician in Alternative Therapies with horses (Equinotherapies)
▪️Professional farrier, equine podiatry
▪️Corrective shoeing, barefoot (barefoot horses)
▪️Courses in Podiatry, Natural Horsemanship, Equine Physiotherapy, First Aid for Colic, Wounds and Minor Injuries.
▪️Centre with agreements with different training companies
for work experience (Veterinary Technicians, Livestock, etc…)
▪️Film specialist course

Public Relations & Amazon

Lina Coelho

▪️Public Relations
▪️Amazon and in love with children
▪️Excursion guide



▪️Riding instructor
▪️Foaling of foals
▪️Excursion guide
▪️Jumping and running experience
▪️Constant smile and in love with horses

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